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We aim to:

Promote the benefits of outdoor learning and play to all who have an influence over children and young people in Scotland, by

  • Supporting leadership and direction that recognises outdoor learning as a valid and valued approach – from politicians (national and local) and Education Scotland;

  • Encouraging collaborative outdoor-based approaches that help deliver a Curriculum for Excellence;

  • Promoting values throughout society that help to connect people and place;

  • Supporting families and communities to develop and foster local outdoor learning and play opportunities.

Campaign for policies and practices that enable more and better outdoor learning and play, by

  • Encouraging HMIe/Education Scotland inspection frameworks to recognise and promote outdoor learning;

  • Supporting joined-up thinking at government level, linking Real World Learning to strategic/policy areas such as biodiversity, sustainability, employment, healthy lifestyles, green space issues, food sources, etc.

Provide decision-makers and influencers with support and advice on how to enrich the lives of children and young people through outdoor experiences of nature, culture and their environment, by

  • Providing commitment and financial support to encourage outdoor learning;

  • Ensuring teachers across all subject areas have the necessary knowledge and confidence – through training and access to resources – to create learning experiences outdoors;

  • Issuing a clear evidence base of benefits and guidance to overcome barriers to outdoor learning and play;

  • Promoting quality outdoor spaces with natural play areas, accessible for all schools.




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