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The Scottish Real World Learning Partnership includes charitable, public sector and private organisations.  All are actively involved in education, outdoor learning and conservation and are passionate advocates of the value of Real World Learning – first-hand experiences of the outdoors, of nature, of cultural heritage.

The Partnership came together to:

  • collectively promote a set of agreed aims for Real World Learning
  • share up-to-date information
  • represent a substatial breadth of activity and expertise.

Grounds for Learning

Scottish Outdoor Education Centres  

Field Studies Council 

Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust 

Scottish Wildlife Trust

National Trust for Scotland

John Muir Trust

Scottish Countryside Rangers Association

EcoSchools Scotland


RSPB Scotland

Association for Science Education

Woodland Trust Scotland

Royal Scottish Geographical Society

Scottish Earth Science Education Forum

Play Scotland

Royal Highland Education Trust

Earth Calling

Creative Star Learning

Scottish Advisory Panel for Outdoor Education


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